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Rules and how to play

Updated 3/1/2020 Rule 3b

1 - You must choose a driver before the start of each race. All driver selections must be submitted before 10 minutes to race start. Jeff may lockout the driver selection anytime from 10 minutes till green flag.

2 - You are responsible for making your driver selection before each and every race. If you have a problem entering your driver selection for any reason call Jeff to get your pick in asap. Do not wait until the race starts to make your selection. We can see login times, Driver selection times, and any errors that occur and what time they occurred. If you have a problem with your driver selection due to technical difficulties we will confirm with our logs what time you tried to place your pick.

3 - If you forget to make your pick you will be assigned a "No Pick" No Pick's get 44 points and no exceptions will be made.

3a - If you select a driver that isn't racing, your driver will be returned and you will be assigned a No Pick receiving 44 points.

3b - Substitute Drivers A fill in substitute driver does not receive points for the original driver. If the substitute driver is on the list of Drivers to pick from, you will receive points for that driver. If you choose a driver that is not racing but has a substitute driver your driver will be returned and you will receive a No-Pick.

4 - The league is divided into 2 halves. 18 races in both halves.

5 - Lowest point total wins.

6 - Tie breaker. The tie breaker will be determined by who has the most wins, if that is tied then it will go by who has the most second place wins and so on.

Terms of use

These terms apply to every member of this website. You agree to these terms when you create an account at website. If you do not agree to these terms please delete your account.

This is a private membership online league. No money is exchanged on this website and does not have a fee to play.

There is one admin that controls this website, Jeff under the username JD. Jeff handles lock out time (Race start lock out control) week selection and updating the points in the system. Jeff also enters the "No Pick" when users do not select a driver for the week.

Jeff handles technical problems and system maintenance of the website.

Please understand that the Nascar League website is considered to still be in beta stage. Problems may occur and offline data is still kept in order to maintain correct scores for any online problems.

TNL collects no data and only log your user name, page views, time of login, time of driver selection, and errors associated with your account. No data is ever sold or traded. TNL collects no real data that is useful. The League does log every player and only access the logs when a user is having problems. These logs were created to divert cheating in the Nascar League. By keeping a log The League is able to detect the times players select their drivers and the time they have logged in. This was designed to keep players from saying they placed a driver selection and then not being there. Even an error is logged.

Rules Subject to Change
Rules may be updated or fine tuned over time. Please keep copies yourself of changes to the rules. The League is very simple and rules do not typically change.


This is a one man show and I continue this website based on loyal players who have played for years in the League. TNL as I, Jeff H. can not be responsible for interruptions in server uptime. Any images on were pulled from the Internet and considered to be within the public domain. If these images are requested to be removed we will do so by requesting the removal to